Our students return from new york

15 May 2019

Next stop America… First Singapore, then Rio de Janeiro, and now New York. Two of our MBA classes headed across the Atlantic to find out more about Human Resources Management in the USA.                                       

The USA has a more formal legal framework than we might imagine: there are often differences between states, it is home to innovative Comp & Ben practices, and is working to respond to the expectations of the younger generations. All this and more was on the menu during four days packed with presentations, round tables and a visit to the Willis Towers Watson HQ.

Our students return from Rio

04 April 2019

To gain a better understanding of the problematics of international mobility and of HR issues more generally in this high potential, yet highly challenging country, was the objective of the 15 students on our specialized MBAs in International Mobility and International HR during their recent visit to Rio de Janeiro.

To achieve their goal, they attended a series of talks and meetings with HR professionals, operational managers and consultants as well as making a fascinating visit to Michelin’s industrial site at Campo Grande! Free time was put to good use to discover as fully as possible the Cidade Maravilhosa…all within reason, of course!

2018 student-company reception

10 October 2018

On 9 October, students of our Specialized MBAs in international mobility, compensation & benefits and international HR took part in an event with company representatives in order to make their acquaintance and to discuss potential internships and the types of assignment on offer. Our students will carry out an in-company internship of six months as of January 2018, allowing them to put the knowledge they have acquired during their training into practice.

The meeting concluded with a cocktail reception to allow all involved to get to know each other better.

Welcome to the class of 2018-2019!

07 October 2018

On Monday 1 October, the Magellan Institute welcomed the 2018-2019 Specialized MBA cohort. To get the year off to a good start, our students spent two days in Touraine to get to know each other. On the program: a pétanque tournament, a walk in the Parc de Richelieu and canoeing along the Cher to the Château de Chenonceau.

We would like to wish our new students a warm welcome and much success!

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The first Asian partner of the Institute!

27 July 2018

It is with the Utara Malaisia University (UUM) that the Institute has just signed its first agreement in Asia.

Established in 1984, the University is located in the northwest of the country (Kedah) and has offices in the capital Kuala Lumpur; it offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of human resources, a solid basis for collaboration with our Institute; a reflection is also conducted on executive education.

A first step in South East Asia which gives us access to a country in full growth and in full development of its educational offer.

Welcome to the UUM in the network built over the last two years with 5 other partners!


26 June 2018

The Magellan Institute did a question and answer session with « 20 Minutes ». 

This article on continuing education covers the thriving human resources sector. Have a read of our advice on how to make a successful career change.

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15 May 2018

After their seminars in Rio and Singapore, our students headed off to New York in May for a week-long seminar combining presentations from experts in the field, meetings with former students living in New York and round tables on HR management and practices in the US.

New partnership with Rome Business School

18 April  2018

All roads lead to Rome… this old expression has become particularly significant for Magellan in the last few weeks because our first contact with the Rome Business School (RBS) was made via Prague. Keen to ensure that their MBA students learn about HR issues on their learning expedition to Paris, staff from this prestigious Italian business school contacted a specialist center in Czech Republic to find speakers! A combination of old acquaintances and of the Magellan Institute’s reputation led to the visit of a group of students of some 10 nationalities to our premises on a snowy day at the start of February.  

It was clear from the end of the meeting that a partnership would make sense, and a few weeks later an agreement was signed, bringing RBS into the Magellan partner network along with business schools in Ukraine, India, Senegal and Morocco. This agreement applies especially to RBS’s International HR Management master’s, and allows students of both establishments to benefit from staff exchanges, shared projects, etc., just like those that already take place in our network. 


A look back at our open day

09 April 2018

We were pleased to see you all on Saturday 7 April 2018 for the Magellan Institute open day, in association with the Magellan Network.

Presentations of roles in international mobility, international human resources, compensation & benefits and social performance management, a speech from Yves Girouard, director of the Magellan Institute, and testimonials from our graduates, students and course directors punctuated the morning’s events.

To end the morning, participants chatted over coffee about how our Specialized MBAs work and on the rich career paths offered by international human resources.

For those who missed out, feel free to contact us with your questions! 

Admissions days for the 2018-2019 intake start on 26 April 2018.

Testimonial from an Indian student just back from Singapore

09 February 2018

Last January Anudrutta Fouzdar, Chetan Dubey and I, students of MBA – HRM of Xavier University Bhubaneshwar got the opportunity to visit Singapore for an HR conference through our International Relations Committee. It was a conference being conducted for the students of Magellan Institute pursuing MBA in International HR management. (The Magellan Institute, based in Paris, France has entered two years ago into an official partnership with XIMB).

The three of us belong to different professional backgrounds and thus could exchange our diverse experience and relate to HR and its practices in different industries. While Anudrutta has worked for a media advertising firm, Chetan, an engineer by profession, has an experience in Industrial Relations. I, on the other hand, have pursued Bachelors in Management Studies and worked in a Transaction Advisory firm as an Analyst. 

The areas of Human Resource Management that we covered over the 4-day long conference were: HR Practices in Asia, Global Learning and Development Management, Compensation trends in APAC, Immigration and relocation in Singapore and management of a Global Employment Company. The discussions were highly engaging and gave us a plethora of practical knowledge about how HRM is practiced in the world around us. The practical knowledge was a lot easier to follow and understand due to a strong theoretical base that we have built up over the past year at Xavier University Bhubaneshwar. 

We also came to know about the similarities and differences that exist between Indian and French practices and the way they are perceived in their respective societies. 

Each of the speakers came from a diverse background, not only in terms of their nationality but also from diverse industries. This gave us an interesting perspective to the challenges faced by each industry in different countries and how we as future HR managers are supposed to design the solutions. 

The visit to Schneider Electric’s plant in Indonesia added a new lens to our vision of how a factory operates. We were given the freedom to ask many questions to the staff in the factory. The staff was also glad to answer our queries.