International mobility MBA

Specialized MBA

« Human Resources and International Mobility Management »

Qualification awarded: Bac + 5


Starts October 2022


11 months

2 Learning expeditions

Singapore and New York

1st place

Eduniversal 2022 league table

Training objectives

In a changing and ever-more demanding geopolitical and legal environment, the security of all aspects of international assignments has become a major concern for companies. This course is taught by practicing professionals and wellreputed experts. 

With teaching methods that have been proven to work over the course of 24 years, the MBA allows participants to gain a full understanding of policy on international assignments as well as the entire process of managing an international transfer in multidisciplinary and operational terms.

Specific abilities:
• have knowledge of all human resources management techniques in order to work as an HR manager;
• be able to manage the legal, employment, tax and HR aspects of international assignments;
• support managers and employees on international assignments at the different phases of company projects as well as during crises;
• have the knowledge, skills and behavioral competencies required to work in English with all internal and external stakeholders.

Career paths and opportunities

• International mobility project manager
• International mobility manager
• Career manager
• Regional or country HR director or manager

International mobility managers’ duties

International mobility managers are responsible for setting and deploying policy and procedures for international staff transfers, from mobility strategy to employees’ return from assignment. They monitor the international mobility cycle and are a point of contact for teams responsible for the different stages of:
• International mobility policy (design, review and update)
• Compensation for international transfers (e.g. transforming gross pay in France into gross pay in Brazil) social protection of employees on international assignments;
• Taxation of employees on international assignments;
• Secondment, expatriation or local contracts;
• Immigration procedures
• Career management for international staff

International mobility is a specificfield within human resources. It is a demanding occupation which requires professionalism, technical skills, an open mind and adaptability.
Professionals in the fi eld face a specifi c environment due to international employment contracts, immigration, and varying regulations. They must be familiar with techniques for international compensation, social protection, and taxation. They must also deploy international personnel management practices, including on career management, returns, family-related issues, and cross-cultural issues. Lastly, they must adapt to the vagaries of the international environment in the fields of safety and security, in terms of both prevention and crisis management. International mobility often concerns high-ranking posts, and as such is by nature strategic.
With transfers increasingly being made in all directions, many groups are choosing to set up shared services centers, from which experts assist subsidiaries and expatriates. International mobility plays an important role in companies’ growth in regional and international markets. 

As such, companies need operational staff . This highlevel, specialized program prepares participants to meet this demand.

Course director


Director, International Mobility Club
Head of international mobility training

Contact the training coordinator :
+33 (0)1 42 34 75 75

2022-2023 admissions closed

Strong points of the MBA

  • RNCP qualification: International human resources manager, level 7 *
  • Class of 2020 graduate employment rate: 86% after 6 months
  • Pass rate in the last 3 years  (2018 to 2020): 96%
  • Average gross salary on graduation EUR 41k
  • 1,430 hours’ training including 530 hours’ classes delivered by occupational experts and 900 hours in-company
  • 2 learning expeditions:                  Singapore and New York