Admissions and funding

Admissions and funding


Graduates who wish to specialize in international human resources.

Experienced professionals changing careers to expert roles in human resources management


Have graduated from a higher education program of at least 3 years: bachelor’s degree, university, a business or management school, engineering, HR, languages, law, psychology, sociology, economics, actuarial studies, or an equivalent foreign qualification.

Excellent knowledge of French and good knowledge of English.

Training fees

Program fees are EUR 20,700 pre-tax (EUR 24,840 after tax) including EUR 3,000 pre-tax (EUR 3,600 after tax) for participation in our learning expeditions.

Admissions procedure

Send us your application including your CV and cover letter.

Following processing of your application, candidates who get through to the next stage will take part in an admissions session including an interview and an English test.

At the end of the admissions session, you will receive a final response within 48 hours

Email us to attend an information session:

Informations sessions

Admissions sessions

Apply now. Once your application has been processed, you will be invited to one of the following admissions sessions:

Funding sources:

  • Self-financing or a bank loan: fees are paid in several installments over the duration of the course, from October to August.
  • Personal training account (compte personnel de formation, CPF): the CPF can be used to finance a portion of the program at your own initiative only : code CPF 334748 ;
  • Competency development plan: talk to your line and HR managers about your project: the training could fit into your company’s competency development plan. A multi-year training agreement can then be drawn up with your company.
  • PTP (projet de transition professionnelle) leave for professional development. The PTP is related to the CPF. It allows training for a career change to be financed while maintaining compensation. For more information:
Please contact us for support with your funding applications:

Your France Travail adviser will support you in researching funding options.

For more information:

Please contact us for support with your funding applications:

You must have a host company by 15 June 2023.

Contact us for all enquiries about this option:

Our programs are available through validation of prior experience (validation des acquis de l’expérience). Please contact us for more information on this option:
If you have a disability, please contact us for information on accessibility and to discuss options for adapting to your needs. Contact us at: