International Mobility Project Manager

MBA: Human Resources and International Mobility Management 2021-2022

“I am very pleased to be part of the Institut Magellan’s class of 2021-2022. The course allowed me to achieve my goal of becoming an international mobility specialist. The Institut Magellan is the leader in this field. I am currently on my internship as Air Liquide, where almost the whole team is made up of Magellan alumni, I am putting the theory learned over 4 months of class into practice. The wealth and diversity of the teaching allow you to join the world of work without any real difficulties, we are operational very quickly.
I wholeheartedly recommend this MBA for anyone who is, like me, passionate about international mobility and wishes to obtain a qualification recognized by the state and, above all, by professionals in the field.”


HR Data Analyst – Compensation & Benefits

MBA : International Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits Management 2020-2021

« I applied to the Institut Magellan because I was looking to change careers, in order to complete the most appropriate, most complete and highest level course I was aware of to immediately join C&B adter the MBA. My expectations were met, and so I am ending the course with confidence in my capacity to make a place for myself in this world. The wide range of high-level professionals that you meet also help you build your network quickly, which is a real boost to your career plans.
As for many, the year has been affected by health restrictions, but we have not missed out at all in terms of educational content and the international dimension, as everything took place via videoconference. This is, undeniably, one of the strengths of the school and a point that I appreciate: a class of a reasonable size that allows individual support, training leaders who are there to listen, responsive and flexible; and high quality teaching and educational content. Lastly, I particularly liked the diversity of the people I met: consultants, lawyers, tax specialists, company HR, business owners… which allows you to see different points of view.
I am currently on my internship in Eramet’s compensation & benefits team, I feel very well-integrated and am having a wide range of tasks assigned to me, allowing me to put my knowledge into practice.
For future participants, I have 3 pieces of advice: – Make the most of it: the program is dense, the opportunities to talk to professionals are close to the classes so subjects follow on from one another quickly, it is therefore necessary to be focused to really make the most of it – Be organized: it will be useful to have a schedule based on the deadlines set by the school, to efficiently manage your time and the different assignments – Take the time to broaden your horizons: the classes and round tables with professionals are valuable if you can keep an open mind, share feedback and information, which can also be drawn from reading and other research.”


Global HR development

MBA : Human Resources Management in International Companies 2019-2020

“The classes, combining theoretical learning with case studies and round tables, have allowed us to obtain solid technical skills in our 3 respective specializations. They were also a chance to talk to professionals who were always happy to share their experiences and answer our questions. The range of subjects handled has allowed us to gain a better understanding of the HR issues that we will cover in company. The session on talent management made a particular impression on me, with its numerous concrete examples and real life case studies. I especially enjoyed the sessions on the specifics of HR in different regions (Asia, the Middle East, the United States) which allowed us to gain a full outlook on HR issues in an international environment.”​


Compensation & Benefits Specialist

MBA : Human Resources Management in International Companies 2018-2019

“Coming from initial training in HR management, including 8 months’ study in the UK, I chose the MBA in HR Management in International Companies to set myself up for a highly international role. This year, my studies have allowed me to understand the concerns of multinationals, to acquire a global outlook on the HR function and to quickly become operation in company thanks to what I have learned from the MBA. The learning expeditions help understand the specific features of local HR. I have had the opportunity to build an international network and to grow both professionally and personally. I found my current role before the end of my internship, so I can certainly say that the MBA was a real career boost. »​


Global Compensation & HR Perfomance Director

MBA : International Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits Management 2016-2017

“I studied law, and already had some 20 years’ experience in human resources in major international companies such as Schlumberger, Areva T&D and Alstom Grid when I joined the MBA class of 2017. This year of learning, sharing and exchange allowed me to reinforce and consolidate my knowledge of international human resources. I also gained new knowledge and skills in C&B, notably in management of short- and long-term compensation policy and in introducing a means of monitoring the wage bill. The course and the strength of the Magellan network offered me a new challenge just a few weeks after I obtained the qualification, through my current role.”


Compensation & Benefits Manager

MBA : International Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits Management 2016-2017

“I enrolled in the MBA in International HR and Compensation & Benefits to boost my career following a skills assessment. My career change has been a success thanks to a varied teaching staff made up of professionals who were able to share their technical know-how and their vision of the exciting world of Comp & Ben. The combination of lectures, case studies and round tables allows everyone to get to grips with the course content and choose their path depending on their priorities, affinities and career objectives. The course content, along with my prior work experience, meant that I was operational immediately, from the first day of my internship. In addition, this course stands out from the rest in the sense that it encourages participants to work together and share practical information, all in a supportive atmosphere.”


HR Development & Learning Director at Hennessy | LVMH

MBA : Human Resources Management in International Compagnies 2015-2016

“After business school in France and Canada, I wanted to orient my career towards HR. I took the opportunity to join a recruitment firm specializing in sales and marketing positions. This experience confirmed my interest in HR. So after a 2-year expatriation in Central Asia I chose the Institut Magellan’s MBA in HR Management in International Companies as I was looking for an international course that would prepare me for the world of work, was of a high-level and that had strong links with companies. This year, my studies have allowed me to make my career plans a reality. All the speakers shared their knowledge, and their concerns, with great generosity. My internship allowed me to put my learning into practice, building on my capacity in numerous subjects.”


Sr Director Total Rewards

MBA : International Human Resources & Compensation and Benefits Management 2014-2015

“After 10 years’ work experience, including 4 years spent as an expatriate in the UK, I was looking to build on my knowledge of human resources, and in particular of compensation and benefits. In the year I spent on the MBA IHR C&B, the highlights were the people, the excellent quality of the teaching and an extremely enriching ability to gain perspective. The Institut Magellan/ENS Paris-Saclay MBA IHR C&B thus gave me the capacity to approach cross-cutting human resources issues and helps me in my day-to-day work in understanding the strategic challenges of compensation and benefits in Europe and internationally. I had barely graduated when I was offered the opportunity to manage total rewards development in EMEA/APAC. »


Compensation and benefits specialist

MBA: Human Resources and International Mobility Management 2014-2015

“A year filled with enriching professional and personal encounters, which allowed me to gain a full outlook of the world through the learning expeditions and our multicultural class. Thanks to the theoretical and practical sides of the course, taught by professionals, the Specialized MBA in international mobility allowed me to be operational from my first days in-company. Through the testimonials and tools presented in class, I was also able to offer real added-value to the company where I was interning right from the start. After the course, close links to the Cercle Magellan, which brings together international mobility managers from the largest international groups, allow you to keep up with changes in the field and to build bridges with the profession as a whole. »


Sr Director, Total Rewards

MBA: Human Resources and International Mobility Management 2006-2007

“I was an information systems engineer and wished to make a career change to the HR function, while still working internationally. I wanted to be operational quickly, yet have a solid technical grounding. That was why I chose the Institut Magellan, which also offered an opportunity to learn as part of a class made up of a variety of profiles, which was very stimulating. The course structure, the teaching and the solid reputation of the MBA meant that I was able to obtain a job before the end of my internship. Ten years later, I have achieved my goal of spending time in Japan and today I lead the C&B team of a multinational company. Without a doubt, the standard of the teaching staff, the very effective teaching approach and the quality of the professional network make this MBA a real career booster.”