Joint case-based session with teaching partner KMBS

28 mai 2021

Did you know that more than 80% of cross-border mergers fail to add value (KPMG) and top-managers lacking cross-cultural training are twice as likely to fail in international assignments? Understanding and managing the mutual impact of national and corporate culture during M&A process becomes paramount to ensuring the smooth integration of two (often rather different) businesses. On May 19th, in a joint case-based session, MBA students from the leading French companies worked on a case designed to prepare them for resolving cross-cultural dilemmas and prioritizing people and process matters during M&A. Within the framework of the 3-year-long partnership between Institut Magellan and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, the session was conducted by Jose-Maria Aulotte (Program Director MBA International Human Resources, Institut Magellan), Bertrand Coutier (former Vice-President HR International Mobility and Governance, Airbus Helicopters), and Maryna Starodubska (KMBS Adjunct Professor, TLFRD Managing Partner). 

This year, the discussion was focused on understanding how national cultures manifest in corporate context using a real-life case of a Ukrainian company acquired by a French corporation and deciding which integration strategy to use: co-existence without control, assimilation, mixing or partnership. Among the key outtakes of the session were the 5 prerequisites of credibility in a cross-border M&A: (1) alignment of strategy and shareholder expectations; (2) agility on all integration levels; (3) HR-strategy appropriated by employees; (4) cascading of goals and priorities; (5) measurement of progress.

The Institut Magellan is an International HRM-focused business school, started by the Cercle Magellan – a professional network of over 250 multinational corporations bringing together ~1500 HR-professionals in France and dozens of other countries.

Nos 3 MBA Spécialisés dans le TOP 3 du Classement EDUNIVERSAL 2021 !

08 mars 2021

C’est avec un immense plaisir que l’Institut Magellan a reçu les résultats du classement Eduniversal, le samedi 06 mars dernier.

Ce classement recense chaque année les meilleurs Masters, Mastères Spécialisés et MBA Spécialisés, parmi lesquels 130 3ème cycle en Ressources Humaines à travers plusieurs enquêtes : satisfaction auprès des étudiants, notoriété auprès de 1000 entreprises et 30 professionnels par MBA, ainsi que l’analyse approfondie des données des programmes, de leur taux de placement et des salaires à la sortie.

Pour la 2ème année consécutive, chacun de nos MBA Spécialisés a de nouveau été plébiscité et figure dans le Top 3 du classement 2021 !

1ère place                      

MBA Spécialisé « International Human Resources and Compensation and Benefits Management »    

2ème place                      

MBA Spécialisé « Gestion des ressources humaines et de la mobilité internationale »                                                                  

3ème place                      

MBA Spécialisé « Human Resources Management in International Companies »                                                                       

Nous remercions chaleureusement nos responsables pédagogiques et intervenants (cours, table-ronde, cas pratique, atelier, rencontre, jury, stage,…) pour l’excellence de leur enseignement et leur engagement auprès de nos étudiants. Cette reconnaissance est aussi la leur !